The Band

Sam Pomanti: Vocals, keyboards

Sam Pomanti was born into an artistic family. He grew up with not only the sound of his father's piano playing ringing through the house, but with the music of Joni Mitchell, Steely Dan, Stevie Wonder and Oscar Peterson (to name a few) bouncing off the walls as well. Sam's interest in music began when he was 11, when he started learning songs by ear on the piano. It soon turned into a passion, and music took over his life. At 20 Sam is already an accomplished musician, having played with the likes of Nikki Yanofsky, Ed Sheeran, Scott Helman, John Scofield, Mike Stern, recorded with iconic producer/engineer Al Schmitt, opened for Motown's The Commodores, and more. Piano led to writing, which led to singing, which led to guitar, which led to creating this band, where he is constantly pushing the boundaries of himself and his bandmates.  Sam is always looking for new inspiration and artistic pathways, which helps explain Saishubi's eclectic sounds. 

Dan Minchom: Bass

Born in England, Dan Minchom is a now-Toronto-based electric bassist. With a love for R&B, pop, hip-hop, folk, rock and jazz, Dan brings positive energy and excitement to every musical opportunity that comes his way. In 2015, Dan completed his Bachelor of Music at Humber College and, while there, was able to study with some of Toronto’s best musicians including Mark Kelso, Mike Downes, Pat Kilbride and Will Jarvis. Dan has also had the opportunity to study with Snarky Puppy’s bassist/leader Michael League. Since graduating, Dan has become a well-known figure on the Toronto scene for his strong time feel and tasteful playing.

Josh Stuckey: Trumpet

Born on the Year of the Dog in Toronto, Josh Stuckey is a musician currently studying at the University of Toronto for Jazz Performance. Josh has been playing the trumpet for 9 years, and his awards include an RCM silver medal, and the Jazz FM scholarship for his 2nd year of study. Josh met Sam through the Jazz FM Youth Big Band in 2011, and was asked to join the band Sam was starting. He hasn't looked back since. Josh's musical influences on the trumpet include Miles Davis, Lee Morgan, Clifford Brown (among others), though he is also influenced by artists in many different genres on several different instruments (Jimi Hendrix, Marvin Gaye, Prince, Jay-Z etc. etc.). Josh always strives for excellence, and always makes it his effort to make you wanna move to the music!

Jozef Teeuwsen: Guitar

For Jozef Teeuwsen, hearing Lynyrd Skynyrd's Freebird was the beginning of the end. He started taking classical lessons at age 12, continued through high school and became a music major at Redeemer University in Ancaster. He studied multiple genres ranging from late Renaissance and early Baroque works to modern jazz and fusion. The most recent addition to Moonhead, he brings his innate groove to complete the rhythm section's tight sound.

Isaiah Gibbons: Drums

Isaiah is a 20 year old drummer from Toronto, Canada. Currently enrolled in the Humber College Bachelor of Music Program, he truly enjoys performing, and writing music. He has performed at many venues and festivals throughout Toronto and the GTA including: The Drake Underground, Celebration Square, The Rivoli, Dundas Square, The Mod Club, The Beaches Jazz Festival and the International Muhtadi Drum Festival. Isaiah has also had the opportunity to go on tour in Eastern Canada, in December of 2013 with Juno Nominated artist Lincoln Blache, opening for July Talk. In addition to Saishubi, Isaiah currently performs with other artists and bands throughout the city including Lucas DiPasquale, Liz Loughrey, The Funk Frequency and The Meagan De Lima Band. Isaiah is also talented at producing beats and writing songs in collaboration with other musicians. "Drumming and making music is a passion I have been blessed with and I am looking forward to pursing my goals and dreams."

Murray Heaton: Alto Saxophone

Murray is a Toronto based saxophonist. He grew up singing along to classic records such as Abbey Road, Dark Side Of The Moon, and 2112. Murray's musical tastes branched out when he began playing saxophone at the age of 12. After high school he attended Humber College where he focused on studying the intricacies of jazz, funk and hip-hop music. Now, after ten years on his instrument, Murray has studied with such notable saxophonists as Kirk MacDonald and Pat Labarbera, and shared stages with Canadian acts such as Shad, Daniel Romano, and The Elwins.

David Baldry: Trumpet

David Baldry is a trumpet player/improviser and composer in the Hamilton and Toronto music scene. As a recent graduate of the University of Toronto Jazz Performance Program, David has studied under Phil Nimmons, Jim Lewis and John Macleod among others. Most recently David has been cultivating his own compositions as well as working with several Hamilton and Toronto groups.

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